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Thank you again Jed and thank you Nevaeh (beautiful name btw). Your replies are so kind and helpful. It’s finally starting to have less power. It’s a month since I dumped him, two weeks of NC and surprise (!) am starting to feel better the more detached I am from the situation. She’s welcome to him. He cheated before me and no doubt has someone else on the go now… and I am sure she knows it which is why she posts timer pics they have taken in the past of the making out etc. I was making it about what I did wrongly, but it was never about me, or her… It’s always about him being the utter dips**t that he clearly is. I don’t doubt he’s cackling all the way to his ego bank, but if that for him is winning then I pity him. Am off for the fun of an STI screen tomorrow. I am so glad to be off the rollercoaster. I kind of like life being a bit dull and no longer the tragic heroine. The role of the other woman is not a better one than the cheated wife / girlfriend. Both are bad, but it’s frightening to know that people like him want to sh*t on you, but still keep the relationship going, because he had the cheek to not want it to end, to snuff out my self worth entirely. I feel proud of myself that I proved him wrong and that I’m not a gold digger that I’d sacrifice my self esteem for a pair of designer shoes. I may still have NC wavers, but I don’t have to act on every stupid thought my brain throws up anymore. Xxxxx

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