Reply To: Do they ever go away?



Hi Lisad1082,

In my experience they do come back. In fact, after letting him in for the 2nd time thinking that I could change him he began the old song and dance routine causing me to leave him. Of course this happens each time you call them out, then comes the silent treatment and when you confront them on that they rage and we run for the hills. Well at least I did. The first time he came back with the I’m sorry, you are a good woman crap was 7 months later. I let him in and like you regretted it, but learned something so amazing. I learned that he is deranged. Like you the second time was less of a blow, because although it still hurt I accepted that no one can help these people and that it wasn’t me. I went no contact and lo and behold 6 months later I get a Halloween card and my locket which I had fought tooth and nails to get back. Of course I broke contact, but not because I wanted him back. I wanted him to never send anything to my home, because I was in a relationship. Also, I am in love with the person I’m with. He knows it, so I know he did this intentionally so I don’t move on. I used this opportunity to return his tags, (thank God!). He apologized for the demise of he relationship, (liar!) asked me to keep 1 tag and he asked if he can keep in touch with me. I said, Heck no! to both and that we are no longer attached and never to contact me again, because I had moved on. I have no regrets, because I was able to get many things off my chest, including me knowing that he’s a sociopath and that I knew that he cheated on me and everyone he’s been with. I found out he lost his home, IRS is after him and many other things. I honestly feel that he came back because I have the money to save his house. Today, I feel nothing for this man, so in essence him coming back help me get closure. I actually saw what a pathetic loser this man is. How karma is kicking his ass while I am with someone who loves me, (even got a tattoo of my name and my face on this chest). He treats me like a queen. Yes they do come back. I have blocked everything just like before, but one thing is different this time. I don’t have anything of his. He has my things, so he will come back with pretending some drama, but this time I will not answer. I am truly free. Please do the best to move on and heal. They are not worth our time. They are in a time vortex which they can never ever escape. If you stay, you will be in the vortex too. I have so much love and peace now and this only lasted a little over a year and it was pure hell. I hope that you find your way. Peach and Love in your journey.

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