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My own divorce took years. I have custody of my child but it was truly an uphill battle. They have all but dropped out of our lives now that it is all said and done, and the manipulation no longer has the same effect.

While I could never prove it, I often questioned my own attorney’s actions which seemed to be more in favor of the spath at times. The guardian ad litem was taken in by them even after investigating their lies and finding they did not hold up. They still reported in their favor.

Child psychologists and supervisors gave testimony in our favor but they did not sway the judge who already had their mind set after a somewhat secretive meeting my own attorney had led me to believe I did not need to attend and was only between the attorneys.

The spath was able to manipulate themselves out of multiple criminal charges and eyewitness child experts and court appointed experts who had testimony showing their true behavior. Witnesses they felt would be in their favor were dismissed because they would not admit to what they wanted to hear.

Court with an spath will not be easy. Be prepared with all the documentation you can gather, no matter how unimportant it may seem. Have an easily accessible tabbed binder so you can quickly find any document. If your spath is computer oriented research online for any comments they may have made in forums as they may slip up and say something useful to your case. Do not be afraid to fire your attorney if you feel they are not working in your favor. If your attorney will not bring up lies exposed outside of court be sure they are heard in court and on record.

Good luck.

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