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Yes, same here Nevaeh. After the break up, he told me – many months later – that he’d taken the test several times during this period and the outcome was a different type, each time. He specified four different types, none of which even came close to describing his personality, attitudes and behaviors.

My supposition; his test answers depended on which of his various supplies he’d immersed himself in mirroring at each particular point in time that he tested himself.

He manufactures break-ups so he can switch back and forth between his various ‘main supplies’ on a regular basis – I lived through that, but didn’t work out that is what he was doing until the other shoe dropped at the end. At that point his attempt to manufacture an argument to split was extremely obvious – I kept refusing to bite and he kept trying – and finally I saw it for what it was. One week later; photos of him with OW got posted on a FB event page, by the event organiser – unbeknownst to Mr Psychopath. Whoops.

So the other shoe finally landed, and when I looked back over our history I realised; he’d been doing that all along. There had been no real arguments; the public humiliations he’d engineer were all just manipulations designed to upset me and create distance, in order for him to spend time with another of the women he was stringing along.

Just realised I forgot to post the second link I mentioned in the ESTP post. It’s way too diplomatic and kind about what ESTP’s are, but it does have lots of different sections – this makes it somewhat useful in terms of the broader picture:


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