Reply To: Little Miss Nice Girl has left the building



Hi Neveah
Of course he didn’t (there was an insincere version the night he abandoned me). The guy is a prick and totally ungrounded in reality. I think he still thinks that I buy his lies. I can’t be bothered to challenge him as he’ll just win that battle anyway.

I’ve decided (and maybe this is dangerous) I won’t be going no contact as I don’t see why I should hide away. I am much stronger and I’m just not going to play any of his games anymore as clearly every interaction is a game… I agree with you, I can’t get my head around it, but it’s his crap, not mine. I’m just going to evade him. He isn’t all that. My narrative is rewritten. I devalue and I discard him. We have power too… the educated empaths. 😉 xx

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