Reply To: Hurting the one he claims to "love" on purpose?



Hi sweetie
He’s an asshole and one day, I promise you, you will feel glad. It takes a long time just to process the breakup and a lot longer still to put it in context. You have absolutely done the right thing in this instance as he has not been treating you with respect. He also demanded respect from you without doing anything to earn it. As awful as it is to say, during the love bombing phase, if you are warned, you just don’t believe it anyway, so as much as you want to warn the next, you just have to leave them to get on with it.

You will, I promise you, be able to love and trust again. For me, I was brought back to the simple things that I love about my husband. Before tough lif things got in the way, our early relationship was as easy as leaves falling out of a tree. You’ve learned a valuable lesson in boundaries and when you next date, you will spot love bombing and those who don’t respect boundaries much more quickly. Just take some time to heal. I’ve realised my most recent encounter, as minimal as it was, has shaken me up, as they just don’t give a shit and fake entire relationships, but that’s about them, not you. I think they would never have gone for us in the first place if we didn’t have something they wanted. You wouldn’t rob an empty house would you? All the things he said to you during the love bombing phase are true, just because he wasn’t who he pretended to be at the start, doesn’t make them false.

Every time you feel low, twist the narrative into a positive. Devalue him. He is not that great. See the positiv. You have now discarded a piece of trash. big hugs to you. Xxxx

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