Reply To: Broke up with narcissist and started no contact, having a really tough time



imokay is SO RIGHT. On every point. One of the hardest things for me is knowing that I will never have closure, will never get an apology, and can never even be friends with him again. I’m working to find that closure within myself, and forgiving myself.

I have reminders in my iPhone that go off at different times of the day to remind me of how awesome I’m doing, and reminding myself that he’s broken.

It gets better! I’m at 8 weeks of no contact and while I’m over wanting to reach out to him, I still bristle at the times that I will have to see him in person. So far, so good. It gets easier as time goes by. Every day that you don’t have contact with him is another day between the end of your relationship with him and your future.

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