Reply To: Help I'm losing it! I'm desparately obsessed



Wow! This sounds alot like what I have been going through for 12 years with my BF. Yeah, I am finally coming to grips this week with having to walk away. My life is miserable. I posted on the general forum page and there was so much I said but have so much more that I need to get out. I’m an emotional wreck today. I am going to have to send him a text saying it is “over”. I am thinking he will try to win me back as he has so many times in the past but those times I didn’t actually make it to the point of “over.” I know he is playing me and I have to convince myself I will be so much better off when I break it off. Just so hard and painful but the pain of listening to his excuses and BS is intolerable anymore. I really need feedback from this site.

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