Reply To: Narcissistic Mother – the perfect training ground to marry a psychopath



I agree. My mother was extremely narcissistic and probably borderline. There are so many ways in which this has affected my life – I discover more ways all the time. There were some key milestones in my recovery. One was to really feel and discharge the rage of the abandonment. This happened throughout my 20’s and 30’s and somewhat into my 40’s. After that, it still took several years to forgive. Forgiveness of the grievance was key for me, but I still suffer with the temptation to isolate and become invisible. But on the plus side, I can also see through a lot of people’s games who have never had to introspect, and so some of my being alone is due simply to having higher standards. I am a firm believer in becoming the change I want to see in the world. Then I attract the types of like-minded people I want to be around. And if they don’t come around, I just continue to work on myself.

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