Reply To: Ugh! How do you really break free?



The way you feel is totally normal. It is very difficult to get free because they use many techniques to keep their victims hooked so they can continue to exploit them.

It sounds like every time you try to bring up a problem he gaslights you, twists reality, blames you for his choices, etc.

It sounds like you are thinking clearly and recognize that he is not treating you well and that his behaviors indicate he is unlikely to change; and that you deserve someone who loves and appreciates you. The best way to get free is to have no contact. There is a lot of good information about how to go about no contact on this site and other sites. It is not easy. You love him because you are a good person capable of love, and leaving the relationship is a great loss for you. There is a lot to grieve. It is unlikely that he will give you closure.

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