Reply To: Newbie seeking support


Donna Andersen

Hopefully Seeking Answers – I am so sorry for what you have endured. It must be so painful.

Your mother, father and sister are all clearly disordered. Unfortunately, personality disorders are highly genetic, and it looks like your daughter got a dose of it as well.

Your mother and sister will never change, and your best option with them is to eliminate them from your life. Your daughter will also likely continue with her manipulative behavior.

That leaves your grandson. If you can be a consistent source of love for him, it will help him immensely. However, you’ll have to figure out what you can tolerate as the tradeoff how much of your daughter’s behavior you can put up with.

Maybe if you can accept that the disordered women are what they are, and get to the point where you no longer want them to be different, you can then focus on helping your grandson without it being so emotionally distressing.

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