Reply To: Broke up with narcissist and started no contact, having a really tough time



Thank you again to all of those who replied to my post you all have been so helpful. It has been a month since I received his unknown phone call and we haven’t had any contact since. I find myself still struggling as I was just starting to feel better and I found out he was doing a smear campaign.

He more or less is spreading lies and telling information about me and other friends and family members, I have been trying my best to ignore all of this. What I found quite weird is he actually blocked me on Facebook recently even though we haven’t talked at all. And now he is spreading these rumours and lies. The last time we spoke he said that would be our last conversation and I said I didn’t care, I thought this was over being a month later but now it seems this is something new. It’s never fun to have a narcissist act like they are the victim. His exact words were if “I am making him out to look like the bad guy then he is going to do and say these awful things.” To a third party I heard what he’s been saying through the grapevine.

I don’t understand why this would be happening now, I have not been saying anything bad about him to anyone. I still talk to people we both know and if a question arises I remain humble and just brush it off. I am doing my best here but still find myself having feelings towards him even though he is so malicious. I thought the breakup would have been different but this nightmare seems to be never ending. He moved on with his friends baby mother but still has time to try and ruin my life. That too still bothers me but I do know it will never last between them.

This has been so emotionally and mentally exhausting the past while, I know reacting isn’t good so I’ve just done my best to relax given the situation. I just know I don’t deserve this treatment I treated him like gold and I just don’t understand why he hates me so much, I think that breaks my heart more than anything. I loved him with everything I had and it seems he threw me under the bus so easily and it doesn’t even phase him. I’m at a loss, I’m not sure what to do. Thank you to those who read this, I truly appreciate it. feels good to be writing again and being able to express what is going on instead of trying to explain to others who just don’t understand.

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