Reply To: I'm new here and could do with some support/advice or clarification please.



Dear howdoImoveon:

It is very common for victims of sociopaths to become ill, as the relationship is very toxic and it is like being poisoned. As soon as you can realize that this is his energy in your system and disconnect from him, not just physically but emotionally as well, you can focus on your recovery. When you are with a person who takes absolutely no responsibility for his own sick behaviors, and you remain in the relationship, you end up internalizing all of the sickness in your own body/mind. Please don’t give him that power. It is awful to find out someone you have loved for so long is a fraud and a con artist. But accepting the truth about what he is can set you free. As Donna said, there is NOTHING you could have done differently. A sociopath is a sociopath.

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