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Thank you for the replies, everyday has been difficult but reading those replies has helped. Can sociopathy be inherited? The reason I ask is that I think that there is a strong chance that his mother was also a sociopath. She showed very little emotion and what emotion she did show appeared very theatrical. Nothing really appeared genuine or warm. It was all theatrical and cold.

One weekend my ex and his mother and I visited my parents home and stayed for the weekend. My parents are very warm, welcoming hard working people. My mother has done the house up nicely but only because she has budgeted and worked hard, what I’m getting at is she has a nice home but not because we’re filthy rich! Anyway, when my ex partners mother arrived and we were showing her around she did something very strange that no one has ever done when visiting my parents house before. She went round and felt all the fabric on the curtains and sofa and cushions exclaiming what wonderful quality they were. She also felt all the wood on the furniture and was commenting on the size of the house and looking at all of our paintings. Now this woman married into money, her husband then lost it all and became and alcoholic and then died. A tragic story that apparently was caused by bad business deals. But it really made my mother uncomfortable that she was walking around almost “measuring up” how much we as a family were worth. My ex and I were expected to get engaged the following weekend.
We have never had guests ever act in this way before and we found it very odd. Also my ex partner stuck by his mother like glue that weekend and shunned me, despite having visited my parents on numerous occasions. He also told my mother that he has Asperger syndrome. Something that he never told me and late denied telling my mother. Is this gas lighting? So many questions but it feels like I may finally be getting answers through this site….thank you so much!

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