Reply To: Broke up with narcissist and started no contact, having a really tough time



hi Cindy, i have also been in this position, around and around in circles, always your fault and never his.

Stay strong, you will never be happy in a relationship with him but these people don’t want to let you go… my narcissist/sociopath is currently engaged to someone else and still up to his old tricks trying to real me in with adoration and eternal declarations of love…which is nice to hear but its all lies…he just wants the control, he doesn’t want anyone else to have me….i could destroy his current immitation of ‘love’ with messages he’s sent. but i don’t want him back in my life. i want him to marry someone else…this is the only way i can heal properly.

the only way to heal and not get entangled up in him again is to cut him off completely…this is extremely hard to do as you’re an addict and you crave him… time IS a great healer… block him and stay cold turkey…dont give in when you crave that hit…believe meet will set you back 100 steps..ive been there and don’t that…. my biggest mistake. if only id have cold turkeyed out completely on my first attempt i wouldn’t still be in recovery after 4 years of on off contact

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