Reply To: I'm new here and could do with some support/advice or clarification please.



Thank you so much. An interesting thing happened recently. My mother actually bumped into his mother and without being rude or confrontational my mother explained how the relationship had left me in a terrible state and how her son had actually treated me. His mother made no excuses for him and agreed that he had behaved appallingly. She actually said that his behaviour completely mimicked the behaviour of his father towards his mother in years previously. She even acknowledged that she had become aware of her sons misleading and deliberate attempts to cover up his financial situation from me.

Funnily enough, since this exchange has happened, I feel more at peace with myself. After a year I can now accept that it wasn’t all my fault as he had said. I wasn’t crazy, as he had said. Putting it bluntly, if his own mother thinks he is a lying, manipulative nasty piece of work then he really must be one! As the saying goes, “Mother knows best!”

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