Reply To: I'm new here and could do with some support/advice or clarification please.


Ok, not an idiot

That feeling of wanting to love him won’t go away for a while but rest assured, it will go away as it relates to him. You DO NOT love him, you love the person he pretended to be. The mask he wore. I think now is a good time to do some self reflection and ask yourself, why would you need to look to anyone to provide you with that much love. Can you try to love yourself as much as you loved him? Then you will never need anyone to love you to be truly happy. I did this thing in my head, as soon as I started feeling sad or angry or lonely, I would chant “I love you heidi, i love you heidi”(Thats my name) over and over again. All of a sudden I felt better and I started to feel what it must feel like to another when I love them. Now thats taking back the power.

Stay strong, its going to be one hell of a recovery but try to be grateful that its her now, you are saved and free to live the hell out of this life!!!

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