Reply To: Fooled…AGAIN! Really need support right now!


Ok, not an idiot

Wow, just when you think you trust yourself to read people, you’re duped. When my world exploded from a Narc, we’ll call him Todd, I turned inward. I started researching attachment and discovered how it causes us to make bad decisions. That mixed with the ego and it’s never ending. So I have swung to the opposite side of the spectrum to a place called avoidance and for now, it is here I am safe. While I work on myself. I manage to date casually and only when i need companionship which is not often at all and it never goes beyond a casual experience. I attach to no one but am getting my basic human needs fulfilled. Someday, when I am ready, I may give myself fully to someone again although I can’t imagine it. Life is amazing as it is. So my point is, figure out who you are. Learn to really love yourself. Dont rush no matter what. Take everything in life slow, even girlfriendships. Just take it all slow. Im sorry you are suffering, I understand the pain believe me, google attachment as a buddhist concept and try to understand it. It will change your life.

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