Reply To: Fooled…AGAIN! Really need support right now!


Donna Andersen

haleymariah – I am so sorry for your experience. The guy may be disordered, or he may just be an oversexed “player.” People with personality disorders can exhibit a range of behaviors, and some behaviors more than others. So although your experiences is terribly painful, it’s possible you didn’t come across “another sociopath.”

Here’s what I see as the good news – your “unexplained anxiety” was your intuition, and you listened to it. You went to Facebook and learned the truth. The truth is painful, but it is better to know the truth than not know it.

I also think that this experience means you have more healing to do – healing from the most recent guy, and healing from the first guy that you described. So allowing yourself to feel the pain is good. That’s how you move through it to wholeness on the other side.

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