Reply To: Gaslighting



I had no idea he was gaslighting me. I genuinely thought that I was going crazy and that he had my best interests at heart. I’m shocked! Would it always have been intentional or could he have done this sub consciously?

It’s beyond me how anyone can be so cruel. I’m a registered nurse and my automatic response is to care for others. The fact that someone could intentionally exploit another person makes me feel sick to my stomach and actually has made me lose faith in the humanity if others. I have no idea how I’m going to get this back. It’s my birthday tomorrow (Christmas Eve). Last year my Lupus was so bad I couldn’t cut my food up properly. We had planned to go to a restaurant for my birthday (I had to book it, he wouldn’t) and I remember him saying that we weren’t going to go unless I could cut my own food up, otherwise he’d be embarrassed. I have a life-long incurable disease which the doctors can’t get under control. If it was the other way round and he was the one who was sick I wouldn’t have given a damn what others thought, I would have cut his food up and cared for him and looked after him. I was able to cut my own food up, but obviously he was more bothered about image and what other people thought that about how I was. What a nasty horrid man.

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