Reply To: I need confirmation that my instincts aren\'t failing me



I spent 8 years trying to determine whether he is a sociopath or not. After sustaining incredible emotional and physical abuse, discovering that he had slept with dozens of prostitutes and other women, after countless marriage counsellors, individual therapy, trying anti-psychotic medication because he had convinced me and everyone else that it was me, I realized that it didn’t matter if he was or was not a sociopath. If that was the question on the table, I better get the hell out of there. Once all the truth came out, slowly and painfully over the course of a year and a half, he stopped even pretending to be kind. It was like there was no point anymore. I was too beat down to leave for a while. Finally, with the help of my friends, I left. I packed all my things and moved in one day because he changed the locks and told me he’d throw away anything I left behind, even though we owned the house together. He harassed me for a while and bullied me down on the divorce agreement. Then, not three months after I left, he moved a new girl into the house, bought her a new car, and started parading her around everyone we know. I feel better than I knew possible, but it’s still a painful process. If you think that you are with a sociopath, leave. Who cares if they are or are not? If that is the question, why would you stay? I left a big house and a big income and a lot of things behind. I have not regretted it for one second. Over the past year and a half, as the truth came out, I learned that my instincts were spot on, but he had convinced me that I was insane (look up gaslighting). Please, at least find one person to be completely honest with about your situation.

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