Reply To: I need confirmation that my instincts aren\'t failing me



Yes get out. I was only with my boyfriend for a 1 1/2 yrs. But in that time I went from the highest high to the lowest low. I didn’t even recognize myself. And that became my answer. No matter what he is. The facts are….he was married three times. Had many many short term relationships and cheated on us all. And the person you love is supposed to make you a better version of yourself. Not worse. Everyone fights I know….but I WASN’T ME anymore. I sat down a googled some of the things he did. He meets every red flag there is. Very charming. Everyone loves him….however, they don’t trust him. He was the life of the party but no one was fixing him up with their sister. And he will cheat on the next and the next. So I have moved on. Still hard but getting stronger every day. It’s like being addicted to drugs. I wanted the high of the beginning. And it looks like you may be looking for that too. I say run!! Listen to the song “Better Man”. I swear I think whoever wrote it was involved with someone like this. Good luck to you!!

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