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Do sociopaths take their time forming bonds? A man friended me on Facebook 4 years ago who went to the same schools as me but several years younger. We commented occasionally on each others posts. At some point he started private messaging me…never anything out of line, he just seemed to have the same experiences/interests. At some point he got off of Facebook and requested my number so we could continue to speak…again he was never forward. Eventually we met in person when I was working in his hometown. Very casual meeting. We continued to be friends. He would go long periods of time without texting, but I didn’t think anything of it as I am married. When he learned my father was deathly ill he drove to the hospital and left some nice reading literature with the nurse to give us…never intruded on our privacy. He began texting me very regularly and at some point figured out that my 30 year marriage wasn’t as strong as it appeared. Even commented that I held my cards close. I was an emotional mess between being married to someone with a personality disorder and an ill parent. Yes, we started an affair. He seemed like my soul mate. I separated from my husband and began planning a divorce.After a few months of seeing him I saw a side that contradicted. found this website and put two and two together…noticed he lied about things, wasn’t always available, made me feel sorry for him. He almost got me to give him a large sum of money for PTSD treatment but I smelled a rat. He got angry and we split up. But a month later he begins texting me again telling me how sorry he was for how he acted. I accused him of lying to me and he went into a rage. He has threatened suicide. Stupidly I allowed him back into my life. He showed a beautiful side again to me…poured it on. Pushed to move to my town and live with me.Wanted me to get a divorce quickly so we could get married and live this perfect life. Then more and more lies. I told him I was going to work on my marriage and didn’t want to have a relationship with him anymore.
I am prepared for the worst.
My question to you…how can he act so normal for days or weeks at a time then totally blow it? I’m mad at myself for being a fool. But after reading stories on this website seems like a dodged a bullet. He once told me his ex wife told him he was a sociopath and bipolar. Why did he even tell me this? It confirmed my suspicions. Also told me he was only jealous of one thing from me…my relationship with my children. (He has no contact with his)
He acts so miserable and seems to genuinely mourn his children. He seems like he is so miserable. Is it boredom? Does he know he’s a sociopath? Lots of questions I know but would like your perspective…

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