Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



Very rarely does a sociopath go through life thinking they are normal, and don’t have some sort of personality disorder. Honestly, he probably was angry at you for figuring it out – you realising that he only went into the relationship with you for his benefit.

I wish I could feel love for people. I hate how normal people can go about their lives, make relationships with people, go out and actually enjoy themselves with real friends, not have to disguise yourself every waking moment you’re with people. Actually settle down with someone, and not have to stop myself from manipulating and lying to the people I love. I hate myself because I can’t stop myself. My impulsiveness makes me do things I wish I could stop. Why did I have to be played this hand by life?

Did anything he say go anything like that?
That was just on the spot – imagine what I could do if I knew your weaknesses, your soft spots, and actually planned how to break you down?

His want to manipulate you either outgrew or was always bigger than his feelings for you – if he had any to start with. He probably saw you as an opportunity for fun. Maybe for sex, maybe for money, maybe for attention, whatever it was, he never really cared about you.

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