Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



Wow. Your reply struck a nerve. No, he didn’t say anything like what you said…I was actually waiting on him to admit it to me. I hinted at and tried to get it out of him by asking him if he was bipolar…told him I didn’t care, just wanted to know. If he would have used those words who knows. We may still be speaking. I believe he’s too afraid to get exposed. He’s threatened to expose the affair to my husband. Told me once he drove to my house and was waiting on us…of course it was a lie. I’m prepared for that. It won’t hurt me if he tells. I think he knows that.
He has many times “threatened” to not contact me again. Every time I tell him it’s the right decision…he always initiates contact again. He likes to triangulate as well. He thinks it bothers me but it doesn’t. Just makes me realize more what I’m dealing with.
I think he is angry that I figured him out. He was banking on marrying me and using my money. Sex was exceptional. He used that to keep me going. He also was a brilliant writer. What is it about the language skills of sociopaths? He could write a bestseller.
Thank you for being so candid on this blog. I’m not sure what you get out of it. Maybe it’s interesting to you as well until you get bored with it.

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