Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



I do project work. I just got triangulated by a sociopath who got to my big boss with a story about me having a ‘mental health episode’ after [sociopath] intercepted a private email written to my line manager about why I didn’t want to work with [sociopath].

I replied to my boss’s email of concern as a sane person (basically, “this is not a big deal and I have no wish to discuss this). My boss emailed back, “you are in denial. [Sociopath] is very upset and you have destroyed a great friendship and working relationship. I don’t play blame games. I insist you explain why you suddenly hate [sociopath]”.

I gave a few facts re my growing realization that [sociopath] was a pathological liar. No emotions, just verifiable facts.

Big boss emailed back, “Stop lying, you are irritating me”. I’ve not got any project work since. Both my line manager and Big boss think [sociopath] is the best person ever. Both Line and Big live in different cities so all contact is via email.

My question is, is there any reply I can give to my big boss that will save my job so I can continue to get project work? Big boss will eventually figure out that he has been gaslighted in a year or two, but that will be too late for me. I need this job.

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