Reply To: I have a borderline personality and continue to fall for sociopaths!! Why!



Amanda and Crybaby,

I have been married to someone with BPD and NPD for 32 years. Last year a man I’ve casually known for years befriended me during a low time in my life. At the time I didn’t know he had ASPD and had targeted me. Actually patiently waited to catch me at a low point. He knew my weaknesses and knew who I was married to so he said the perfect things.

Crybaby…It’s not because you have BPD that you attract these types. Your feelings are understandable and normal. I am what they call an empath with “super traits”, which is a person who tolerates behaviors that most would not. We are both targets of these predators. The pain they inflict is indescribable. It hurts to the core. They study you and know exactly what to say or do to draw you in…
I wanted what my BPD husband could never give me, the ASPD handed it to me on a silver platter.
Amanda, we can all be attracted to that type…it’s not just you. We are all susceptible. They can be charming, have an unbelievable sense of humor, sex with them is amazing because they are hyper sexual. The problem is they have relationships with many women going on at the same time. It’s all a game to them. For us, its our hearts and souls.

I’ve been trying to go “no contact” with mine…I haven’t responded back to his emails or texts in over a week. I woke up today with another plea to go back to “being my friend” again and asking me out to lunch. I am trying to stay strong, remember all the lies he told, and ignore the email.

Having all of you here helps keep me strong.

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