Reply To: My Horrible 2016



I had a horrible 2016 as well. You are a smart, strong person. That’s why he picked you. He found your weakness and played you. You knew he was playing you at some point but you were already hooked. I did the same thing. They love to triangulate. To add another woman in the mix makes you want to be better. That’s how he was able to break your boundaries.

Focus on yourself. Do yoga. Meditate. Do not engage with him anymore. Most of what he told you were lies. Inside they are miserable, bored people. Their entertainment is messing with our feelings. Hurting us to the core. Please go no contact with him. Read Sandra Brown’s book, “Women who love sociopaths”. You will learn about yourself and why you were a target. It will help enlighten you so you can protect yourself from being a future target to these predators.
Take care of yourself. You are not alone.

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