Reply To: Can someone really be a sociopath if they love animals?



No two people are alike. Even sociopaths. I believe they can form attachments to dogs.
That being said, do not give in. It is his way of trying to stay in your life. He will use the dog to do that. You kicked him out. Good for you. I learned many things about mine. He sounds a lot like yours. He lives with a woman who he tells me she’s only a friend. I now know it’s a lie.He had a relationship with me and who knows how many others. She has been trying to get him out of her house for almost two years and she always takes him back. Stay no contact. It’s very hard to get them to go away.
Mine threatened suicide many times to me. He wanted me to marry him. I believed him when he said he was just roommates with the girl. He also told me it was his house…I later learned it was hers. They are predators looking for smart, empathetic people to take care of them and allow them to have bad behaviors.
Don’t let him see the dog.

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