Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



There is a Blog Site run by a self-proclaimed Sociopath. Most of the women on there act like they worship the ground he walks on, and tell him how magnificent he is every chance they get. It gets a bit much.

Anyway, When I ask him questions, he is short and arrogant with me, if he even post my questions or chooses to even answer them. Everyone else, he is witty, funny, adorable, flirtatious, and acts like their friend or lover.

Why does he single me out as if to make an “example” of me to others with his very short, arrogant, and haughty answers to me? Why me?

I just don’t understand. Any ideas? I have BPD, and he knows this. He acts like he hates me personally, but is okay with everyone else.

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