Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



Alaska: I don’t know what the rules are. However, you are asking an admitted sadistic sociopath if you can contact him to talk privately about how you got sucked in and worked over by a sadistic sociopath. WTF!!??

No offense intended to you, “Me”. You have been very helpful to me, and I value your input as an ‘insider’, but I continue to be guarded in asking you questions BECAUSE I don’t know your intent. I will take what insights you can offer, but I will also make sure that I protect myself ‘just in case’.

“Me”, when I read your reply to Alaska’s post, I thought to myself “mirroring”. I saw red flags waving wildly. Then I read Alaska’s response.

Alaska, read the previous exchange between you and “Me” and see if you can see the mirroring that took place and how you reacted. I am not concluding that “Me” intends to play with you (which is a matter of “Me’s” intent; which neither you nor I can know), just that the exchange that took place is classic mirroring and you responded by inviting this guy into your private life.

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