Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



I’d probably get in close with him. Real good buddies, but pretend to fall for his ‘charm’. Then I’d use my knowledge about computer and network security to install a worm on his home network, then, all of his passwords, pins, emails would be mine. I’d probably try to turn his followers against him whilst locking him out of his account. I’d set off security emails left and right saying “there is unauthorised activity in your bank account” and whatnot. Send drug dealers to his house. Do some real good defamation. Basically, get his name on a police list somewhere. Hell, I could even make his car speed with some special software. Get him really on edge and anxious. All the while pretending to be his loyal follower. Then, I’d hit him with the bulk of the plan. Seriously injure or kill his wife, kid, neighbour, and make all evidence lead back to him. Get some domestic abuse in there. Then, he’d think he still has me to rely on in court. That’s when I tell him everything I’ve done to him – come completely clean to him and only him. Then attest against him in court. Hopefully he’s get serious jail time for murder or serious bodily harm.

This is all just an if situation though. No meaning behind the words at all 😉

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