Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



Also, the stuff about flying monkeys and people keeping tabs on you. That sounds like a teenager bragging. I suspect you make it easy for him to stalk you via facebook and friending your friends. All he has to do is phone up one of your FB friends and ask what you are up to, if you have already blocked him. So get off FB, get a new email account AND DON’T GIVE OUT THE DETAILS TO ANYONE WHO KNOWS HIM. Sociopaths are good liars and will contact your friends with a sob story (another favorite ploy) to get them to tell him what you are up to (eg, “no, Alaska was not in the hospital. I saw her skiing at Mt Olympus on Saturday”). That’s how he finds out what you are up to. Or, more likely, he is lying about that too.

This loser has no secret powers. He’s a pathological liar. He’s just persistent and doesn’t take no for an answer. Most likely he knows you are easily scared and is playing on this. You have probably told everyone and his dog about your story (this is one of the traumatic outcomes of being toyed with by a sociopath, so is very, very understandable). However, this symptom of abuse is probably contributing to his ability to stalk you.

If he has weapons or you feel he can get violent, get a restraining order and move. However, from his stupid bragging he sounds like a total loser.

This is another example where “Me” has been helpful. If you read his response to my questions (what would you do?) he said he would destroy the guy by befriending him, and with a smile on his face. “Me” didn’t talk about flying monkeys and spies everywhere.

Anyway, people like your ex don’t have any friends to do this weird type of stuff for them.

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