Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.




I hope my response does not deter the Sociopath from answering your question as I know he has the true experience in which to answer you, but while you are waiting on his help, I wanted to let you know that each Narcissist/Sociopath who ever wanted to continue to be my friend only did so to not only continue hurting me, but to do so ever more so, causing even further harm, and much deeper abuse, and even more despair for me to dig my way out from when they were all done with me, or I was all done with them 😞. There were four (4) of them, and always ended this way- more hurt and pain.

It was so hard to fathom that I could not believe them because they were each so remorseful, loving, and sorrowful; their tears seemed so real; they said all the right things. They spoke to my very heart. They each made me feel alive like none other, but all the while, they were planting their newer, bigger seeds of deception, lies, horror, “under the radar” abuse, smear campaigns, gas lightings, Triangulating, robbing me of my identity and self esteem, making me feel like the crazy one, [actually making me into the crazy one!!], spiritual, psychological, and emotional abuse to the hilt…along with major play on ABANDONMENT because I am BPD.

I am so sorry, Winterk. You are having a very rough time; I can tell. I’ve been there, and am still spinning as you can see, too. Being on this site, here, helping you, is helping me to stay off the Sociopath’s site who deliberately hooked me.

I admire the sociopath on this site because even though he’s a Sociopath, he’s enough courage to say that he erased my email address and that he, and I, should not correspond privately because it would take us both down a very bad path. I really admire that. The other Sociopath on the other Blog Site emailed me, FIRST, from my own Blogging Address, and ensnared me!

He ended up playing everyone against me on his blog. He is a bully. Sadly, he makes money for being a bully. One day, things will be made right. I have faith in this.

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