Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



Thank you, Sellenna…yes, I am off the site for good. It triggered me badly. I could not worship him; rather, it made me very angry. It reminded me of a big love fest, and I did get very angry, sometimes, because the triggering brought out the worst in me. From what I understand, they are women in their 30’s to upper 40’s who have all suffered Narcissist abuse and are clinging onto him because of the validation he provides. But, he is a sociopath, who delights in who he is, and has mentioned on several occasions that he is a god, and the devil.

I, too, was charmed by him, at first, but then I couldn’t handle the worship anymore, and it triggered hostility in me, and brought out my worst. I do not know why it brought out hostility in me, and not his other minions.

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