Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



The reason Me’s description of how he would handle a self-proclaimed elite narcissist (or whatever the label was) is so alluring is because it’s something we all wish we could do to someone at some point or other in our lives – someone we think deserves to be brought down a peg. Sociopaths seem to appoint themselves judge of who needs to be punished, and they don’t have any fear of reprisal. This is dangerous but it is also powerful and can seem very alluring to those of us who wish we could have revenge. Apparently, this quality is so alluring to us “ordinary” people that we worship heroes like Clint Eastwood who enact vigilante justice. Heck, we vote them into office (trying to avoid a political rant here….). We still have to follow rules and laws so we don’t end up in prison. So we become fascinated with those who feel they are above the law. Or they make their own law. We wish we could be like that deep down because we think that would give us a sense of empowerment we don’t have. My takeaway from that is that we do have an incredible amount of power that we don’t realize we have. Once we tap into our own power to change our lives, we won’t need to be so fascinated with sociopaths anymore. They are just people whom you can choose or not choose to have in your life, depending on how much joy or grief they bring you.

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