Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



Yes, some are very addicted to the forum and talk about being on an airplane, traveling home from “so and so place” and checking in on The Blog, or being at the Beach sunbathing, and checking in on The Blog, and the Sociopath greets them like long lost friends, stating their Blog “Name”, and “Nice to see you, again!” Mostly all women on there. Just weird. Somehow he manages to use someone to scapegoat and he is able to get the others to gang up on that person. If that person says something nice, the “gang” says she is “arse kissing him”, and if she says something negative, then they become vultures and tear that person up. If she says something funny, they make it sound like she is stupid. Yet, if any of the rest say any of the same types of comments, and other commenters show hugs, and hearts, and applause. I don’t know how the Sociopath manages to get all the others to gang up on one particular person all the time, but he makes it happen.

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