Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.




Thank you so much for your comment, and yes, validation is especially important for BPD people who never really quite received it while growing up, from my own experience of course.

Yes, the mirroring from a Sociopath is very seductive, as you mentioned, [now that I think on it] because it’s giving me what I feel I have needed for so long, and it validates my very existence, which seems to be the essence of my condition and misplacement in life.

The Mirroring from the Sociopath makes me feel like I am alive, I matter, I am special, Important, appreciated, valuable, worthwhile, and needed- everything that I never felt the whole time while growing up. And, the Mirroring also makes me me feel like he understands me like none other in the entire human race, again, something I never experienced- being understood, or anyone even caring to understand. Ironically, the Sociopath makes me feel like a Somebody, instead of the Nobody I was always taught to believe I was. Sadly, it’s all a lie with the Sociopath, and I am just the perfect prey.

It’s sad to have someone play on one’s need to be loved, needed, valued, and understood due to childhood trauma.

This has been a very insightful comment, as well, Madelaine. I very much appreciate them all.

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