Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



What a great post. Thank you so much for your insights. I’m not BPD but have been married to a NPD/BPD for over 30 years. My childhood with parents who bickered nonstop and being invalidaded by spouse for so long made me a prime target for Sociopath. I know what I’m dealing with but haven’t been able to cut all ties and go complete no contact yet.
I believe part of the cutting off is so difficult because it’s like you are cutting off everything you want/need in life. I realize I was mirrored. Even with that knowledge it’s hard. Very.
I am well educated, well traveled, wealthy and attractive person who has raised very bright children who are all good citizens. They are all aware of personality disorders as we discuss frequently.
This has been the most painful process I have ever gone through in my life.
I guess I could never fathom anyone being worse than someone with BPD…now I have.

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