Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



Dear Me,

I very much like the site you have answering questions because it’s really down to earth, and the commenters here are down to earth, too. They seem like they really want to heal and get better unlike many of them on H.G. Tudor’s Site (Knowing The Narcissist) did. On that site, the “Greater Elite” Narcissist/Malignant Narcissist was very arrogant, haughty, and kept raving about how great he was and all the glamorous women he was in the throes of seducing, and how they were all after him; and, the commenters would tell them how they wanted to hug him and make him all better, love him until he was no longer a Sociopath, flirt heavily with him, carry on about how wonderful he was/is (even though no one has ever seen him), and tell him how his voice makes them melt (on his YouTube audio videos), …Before I saw this site here, I just thought all Sociopathic forum sites would be like Tudor’s site- sickening. But, now I see that it was just his.

Thank you for having a more Real To Life Site that does not make me want to vomit. I know you are still a Sociopath, but thank you for being a more “believable and balanced” one than that other Sociopath- or, whatever he is. Thanks for not acting so arrogant and conceited. It’s really a breath of fresh air, as ironic as it might sound.

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