Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



Tudor gives Sociopaths that biased stereotype, in my opinion. After reading his material and comments on his site, and his pompous arrogance, I thought all Sociopaths were Arrogant, Conceited, Pompous As*holes who were everything you are trying to explain that they are not. And, people are eating up everything he says like it’s the gospel due to his books, WordPress Blog, YouTube Audio Interviews, Twitter and Facebook.

I am second-guessing that he has people who help him write these books, ETC..because there is only so much time in a day to post so many articles each day to his blog, answer comments, answer Twitter and Facebook, keep coming out with books, due his “Audio Skype Consultations for $100 an hour” (even though he has no psychology degree), or answer “4 questions for $20 through email”, and still is in need of constant FUEL everyday, and has women chasing him all over town (so he implies), and himself, is a major womanizer.

Well, no more about that person. I am just glad there is someone else who shows a different side of the sociopath.

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