Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.




Yes, I understand as the one who does have his own WordPress Blog Site deletes posts that it doesn’t like…such as ones that are not dynamically worshipping him- although he will add a few of the angry comments through just to show he is not partial, but I can speak from experience that he would delete most of my critical comments toward him, though they were not mean comments, and he would also place my comments in different areas so as to make it look like I was speaking to others, and not him, which would bring about quarreling from others and at the way he added some comments, but conveniently left out other parts of it that were supposed to go together. He was controlling the entire blog the way he wanted to and was masterminding arguments here and there by choosing which comments to let through, and which to conveniently delete.

Yes, I have read about Splitting and thank you for your help with that. I know that I do that sometimes without knowing it.

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