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Thanks for the reply,

I’m particularly interested in your wish to dispel the myth that sociopaths can have meaningful relationships. My experience is different. My relationship with my ex fiancé was the typical idealisation, devaluation and discard. It was littered with lies and tiny little comments which were meant to chip away at my confidence, self esteem and self worth. He gained control over my emotions very subtly. Looking back I have no idea what was real about him and what wasn’t.
Interestingly the exact time that the idealisation stopped was when I got diagnosed with a very serious illness. I was no longer the image of perfection and the person on the pedestal. Despite there still being big potential for us to manage this together my ex set about to not only sabotage the entire relationship, but his business too and ultimately me. Once he had destroyed me emotionally and financially he left, eight days prior to me starting chemo.
Would that be a normal response for a sociopath in that situation and would you class that as being a meaningful relationship?
We were living together for 3 years, had a wedding planned and already chosen our children’s names.

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