Reply To: What do you do when your mind has lingering thoughts! Help



If he was disordered or not, it seems you’re better off without him. You’ll never know for sure why he did what he did. And that not knowing is hard, I know. But let it go for your own sake. Don’t focus on why he did what he did – you’ll never get a true answer from him and it’s impossible to guess at what’s going on in his head because it defies normal logic/thinking. You’ll just keep yourself stuck trying to figure it out. Keeping no contact is great, I applaud you for going forward with that and sticking to it! It’ll take time, but it will get better. Letting go of what you thought your life would be is hard. Focus on yourself and healing yourself. You’ll have lingering thoughts, it’s ok. He was a part of your life and you can’t just erase that or forget it nor should you. Everything in life can teach us a lesson. Try and find the lesson in this. What helped me move forward was (after I’d done a lot of researching and trying to figure out the why, etc) to focus on what I could do to heal myself instead. I couldn’t do anything about the past, but I could do something about my future. Best of luck!

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