Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



Hi, my name is Orion, I am 15 and I am a sociopath.
I want everyone to know that there is a large misconception about sociopaths. First of all, no one considers that if you are a sociopath you have a mental disorder and sometimes can’t control your actions. I used to be ashamed of who I am but I’ve come to terms with it.
I manipulate people, yes, but I don’t manipulate all people I meet. I think that manipulating people CAN be fun, but that doesn’t mean I manipulate people close to me, or every person I see on the street.
Also, there seems to be this belief that sociopaths can’t get hurt, or abused or manipulated. But, we can. By other sociopaths or just by bad people I’ve been abused, and manipulated, and here I am, a real life sociopath, ending up with all the blame.
I have a question for any other sociopaths on here though, how do you guys deal with boredom, because I’m trying to not do harmful things but sometimes (A lot of times) dangerous and harmful things are the only thing that fill that void. It’s hard to find anyone who willing talks about being a sociopath so I would appreciate it. Also, to other sociopaths, do you guys try to stay away from manipulating people?

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