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I am new here, and I see discusion here going on in full speed, so sorry for barging in like that.
So I have couple of questions.
My ex husband is sociopath. I’ve found out that only couple of days ago.
Situation is complicated because we have 3 years old son together. When discard happened, he’ve discarded not only me, but his son too. He was acting like he adores him, but when he just threw us out of home with no remorse. So I went through all the typical phases. He even wanted to be friends to only hurt me more (telling how he find someone he love and etc).
So now after I know the true, I am thinking of some revenge ideas. Not like revenge. First I am trying to destroy his public image. I have contacted his family with evidence about his behaviour, proving that he is not a victim (he was planning to play one). All thanks to my idea, that recording phone conversations wouldn’t be so bad. He avoids exposive email, as it can be prove in court, so this I don’t have. I have already destroyed his public image in front of neigbours some time ago.
What more I can do? We live in different countries.
And another thing, I am playing poor victim in front of him. That he ruined me, and now I am very sick and not working and bla bla bla.
(And sorry for my english, as it is not native language for me).

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