Reply To: Hi – I'm a sociopath.



I totally agree in that I wrote a heartfelt, tearful email to Donna, or whoever runs the show here, telling her my experience with a Sociopath, and made sure it was not too lengthy, but asked her to please send me an email back just letting me know she understood my pain for validation reasons…flash forward about two weeks later…NOTHING.

I mean, somewhere here on the forum, it says we can email her with our questions or experiences. I had no one else in whom to confide in, so I emailed her… no response. Not even a “Got It”… NOTHING.

I’ve gotten more help and responses from the Sociopath on this site, than I have from the actual Site Owner/Operator (or, whoever she is).

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to correspond with ME by email, initially… I felt he was at least being truthful as to who he was, and what he was. But, here is this other person, supposedly an “empathetic” soul, (the site owner) and she hasn’t the time of day for me.

So, I just did my own math, and decided to choose ME over someone who might be a real liar, feigning to be a caring person.

Splitting would be for me to come out and say: “Wow, what a B*tch this Donna must be for not giving me even just a morsel of a response back to my tearful email. What a real lying, heartless B*tch she must be!” But, DBT Skills have taught me to look at the middle ground”¦maybe she is just really busy, lately, squeezing fresh orange juice.

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