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Another thing, how do you know that you are sociopath? I know that my ex was for sure. But can it be that I am too?
I remember when I first time heard word “empathy”. I didn’t understand its definition. I mean you should feel something when other people feels something??? The hell.. 😀 I was still young. And one girl from my class told me “there is something wrong with you. It’s like you don’t feel anything”. And actually I didn’t. Later I’ve learned to fake my emotions, to blend with others. As long as I remember it was always same… Faking that I care. When I started working, I was favorite person at work. Friend of everyone. I didn’t give a damn about anyone actually. But it was needed for my career.
Another area my love life. I had a lot of boyfriends. I always get exited, think that it is love, and I get this thrill of hunt. But as soon, as man falls in love with me, we have couple of sexual encounters, I feel bored with him, and soon just discard him, making look like it was his fault, and making it look like he dumped me. Of course, they always come begging, but I just don’t care about that.
I have couple of people I care. And I am not violent. Well, I was in a couple of fights, and it was fun. But I don’t fell aggresive. Just bored.
About my ex and revenge. Well, I adore my son. And I want everything what I can get from my ex FOR him. It is my goal at the moment. And I want to see my ex’s breaking point. But I was using wrong tactic, thinking that he is capable of human emotions, and I wanted to brake him emotionally. But he is sociopath. So that is not going to work.
Before you judge me, keep in mind, that he did many horrible things to me. He even tried to strangle me and shoot me couple of times in front of our child, and after he threw me out of our home with only bag with my clothes and crying child on my hands.
So taking all in to account, am I a sociopath?

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