Reply To: I need confirmation that my instincts aren\'t failing me



baztrix wrote — “Everyone fights I know”¦” I wonder if this is true. My partner and I have never fought in our six years together. He has never yelled at me, because I told him (and mentioned this to other friends I have), “NEVER yell at me. If a person yells at me, I will turn my back and walk away, and NEVER look back.” I’ve spent too many years of my life being yelled at, and yelling back. My partner and I sometimes disagree on something but it goes away very very soon.; we agree to disagree and then drop it. After a while, one of us often (not always!) sees the other one’s point of view and may change our own on the matter. Another thing is, though, that we do not live together. That might be solution to not fighting. I know if I lived with him — or anyone, even a woman roommate — I would fight with the person.

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