Reply To: It must be exhausting to be a sociopath!



For what it’s worth, I was married (sequentially) to three sociopaths. They all three had tremendous energy! Two of them could out-work everyone – they were physically very strong. One could organize a 6,000 sq ft warehouse in one day. One was a gymnast and a ship’s captain. One was a professional actor, and could do stuff like accidentally fall down and not hurt himself — at over 70 years old. They never got tired. I was the one who got tired. He died at about age 76, from cirrhosis of the liver and cancer. He was a chain smoker, and had stopped drinking 30 years before he died, but I guess he drank enough to get cirrhosis. he worked all day long for 3 days as a volunteer, stuffing hundreds of envelopes for his favorite theatre — 2 weeks before he died. He was already dying, but he did that anyway. He said the theatre kept him alive, and I’m sure it did prolong his life.

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